Wednesday, 20 May 2009

enjoy yourself its later than you think

a good friend of ours recently passed away and on tuesday we went to her funeral. it was very sad but also a good chance to reflect on life and remember good times with a friend. rest in peace tracey.
on a lighter note i have been busy buiding machines and although i am waiting for my frames to be cast i have put together three bulldog shaders. each one is set slightly different and im testing to find my favourite set up. i did a nice tattoo using one of them on my friend kevins hand. it worked very well and the shading was incredibly smooth.
i finally got some pictures of my brothers arm after his second session. it will probably be a full sleeve eventually and include a skull if i get my way.
i booked my flights for the long beach convention and painting at jeff gogues, i cant wait only two weeks to go.

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