Wednesday, 8 July 2009

busy doing nothing

sometimes i feel like im spreading myself too thin and that nothing ever really gets finished properly because im on to the next thing. thankfuly im in the mood recently to finish things which feels really good. i have been painting alot recently and that is definitely my number one thing to do with my spare time, im determined to become a good painter. i have finished a new painting today and i have decided to leave further projects until i have finished my sketch book which i started a while ago. i also collected my machine frames today so when the sketch book is finished the machines are the next project. how very organised of me. the best news is that i have also been sorting out the lease for my new shop. we are moving to a much bigger premises and we cant wait. here is a picture of my new painting and my machine frame. oh and check out another video of me tattooing a stephen hawking portrait on
take care, jason.

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