Tuesday, 11 August 2009

tattoo jam

just got back yesterday from the tattoo jam in doncaster. we had a great weekend, caught up with loads of good friends (it always blows me away how many really cool people i meet through tattooing) and made some new ones. it was an eventful convention, i arrived there on friday only to see my ugly mug on a huge banner for tattoo master magazine which me and jo were guest editors this month, a huge honour for us both.

jo and i did a tattoo battle on friday against each other, the title was little red riding hood. i tattooed my friend kevin who was a super star and we did a cool red riding hood holding a severed wolf head. jo won the competition in what can only be described as one of the biggest robberies ever! only kidding, she did an awesome tattoo and our customers were the real winners although she was dressed in a gold bikini which i'm sure gave her an unfair advantage that my beard couldn't compete with.

i did a cool david bowie portrait on saturday and sunday i did two realistic skulls linked together on a guys forearm which i really enjoyed. you can never tattoo too many skulls!

sunday night was party night for us and will go down as quite a memorable one that i wont go into too much detail about but certain people know what im talking about. all in all a very good weekend. im off on holiday this week and i cant wait.

i would like to give a big thanks to neil from skin deep and the guys from tattoo master it was a real honour for me and jo, thanks.

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