Wednesday, 27 January 2010


well here we are in 2010, a new year. im not one for resolutions but some points in life always make you take stock. i just turned 40 and that was definitely one of those times and a new year always seems to be another. unlike getting older though a new year seems to bring a refreshed attitude and hope for the year ahead. i love the feeling of unlimited possibilities its very exciting.
we have eased back into work after a couple of weeks off and we are back up to full speed already. we have a new tattooist started recently, so there are 6 of us at the new studio and we have a great vibe and everyone seems to be excited about coming to work. i worked at the first tattoo freeze a week ago and had a great time and did a really cool tattoo for jack and this weekend is the brighton convention. i have some exciting plans for the year ahead so all in all things are looking rosie and life is good. here are some of my latest works. have a great 2010.

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  1. was going to say killer drawings, killer tattoos, killer paintings. keep doing your thing and i'll keep creeping on it. peace!