Saturday, 9 October 2010


well its been a while and ive been as busy as ever. ive been tattooing loads travelling and painting. ive done some nice work in the last few months and ive got some great stuff on the go. im starting to take new appointments for next year and it looks like i will have some really good work to do. my only problem is i want to do everything but there aren't enough hours in the day. my prints are selling well and i have some cool painting projects for the near future.
we went to the paris convention recently and then london the week after and had a great time at both. it was my first time in paris which was good and london is always a special convention and an honour to work at. i did some good tattoos and as always met cool people. im back in the shop for a bit and then we are off to the brussels convention next month. im doing a black and grey tutorial for tattoo master and im going to put a few new tattoo videos up on you tube soon. here is a few pics of what ive been up to lately.


  1. amazing work, I'm absolutely blown away with your amazing, diverse range of designs and skills.