Monday, 23 March 2009

don't count your chickens

    friday didn't exactly go to plan. i had a guy flying in from belgium for a two day appointment, a lovely buddha tattoo that i was really looking forward to. he didn't show up and only told me at the last minute. how dare he crash his car when i really want to do his tattoo!  i read my e-mails and two customers booked for conventions later in the year cancelled there appointments, again stuff i was really looking forward to. i guess everything happens the way its meant to happen but it really sucks when you are looking forward to cool work.
 not to be put off i took care of some things around the shop and got someone in for the afternoon to work on his sleeve. i had a cool day on saturday, all work in progress. today i did a really cool johnny cash portrait, 7 hours straight what a trooper. i love portraits and j.c is one of my favourite subjects he has a really cool face.

 oh yeah and i did the zombie chuck berry on thurs
day on kevin who is one of my favourite customers. zombie rock and roll tatts are so much fun.

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