Wednesday, 1 April 2009


its been all work and no play for the last week. i had hayley and jay, 2 up and coming tattooists come to my studio on friday and saturday to learn some techniques. they watched carefuly while i worked hard and tried my hardest to teach them anything worthwhile. we had a good time and it was fun being a teacher for a bit. i did a nice portrait for them to watch on friday and a camper van on saturday!

on monday i did my first ever face tattoo. it was only small but still very stressful to do. people have differing views on this kind of tattoo but emma will definitely wear it with style.

i have been working very hard in my evenings and spare time to put a sketch book together. i still have a way to go but i have been very productive. here is a sneak preview of a couple of pieces that will be in the book. i will wait to post any more until its finished .

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