Tuesday, 22 September 2009


im back from the paradise gathering in massachusetts and i dont know where to begin. we had such a good weekend, just the right amount of work and play. jo, lianne and me did shawn barbers painting seminar and it was everything i was hoping for. shawn is a genius and it was such a great opportunity to paint with him. we all painted each other and i have to say jos painting of me is unbelievable. we were so inspired by the seminar we had the great idea of setting a project for ourselves which through our collective enthusiasm has ended in 13 of the best tattooists and painting lovers doing 13 portraits in 13 weeks and is titled" lucky for some". it also has inspired us to start an art collective where we will be regularly running art projects for tattooists. we will be putting books, dvds and shows together to document our efforts. when everything is properly put together we will have a dedicated myspace page and website, so watch out for that.
i did some great tattoos at the gathering and made some great friends. it really was one of the most unique and enjoyable events i have been lucky enough to work at. thanks to gabe and all the crew.
i have a couple of days rest and we are off to london, i cant wait. also my sketchbook is finally ready for sale. its my last convention with jo before she goes off on her travels, which is a little sad.

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