Wednesday, 30 September 2009


im back from the london convention and what a great weekend it was. i did some really nice work, hung out with some great friends and i was treated like a star by the punters. signing autographs and having pictures taken with fans is a strange but cool experience. i sold loads of my new sketchbooks and everyone seemed really impressed by them which is cool because i did work really hard on them. it was sad for me to be working my last show with jo but it means we will have to go on holiday to south america to see her next year. since i got back i have been very productive, i have drawn a picture for carlos rojas 5x7 show in LA and i really like it. also i have nearly finished my painting of lianne that i started in shawns seminar. i cant wait to start our painting project. i signed the lease for my new shop yesterday and hopefuly i should have the keys this weekend, how exciting.

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