Wednesday, 28 October 2009


ive had a great couple of weeks, ive been as busy as i have ever been in my life. ive done some really cool tattoos, ive been painting every spare minute i have and at the same time im trying to get my new shop ready for opening, luckily my brother has been working incredibly hard getting the shop ready for me. i finished my stephen hawking portrait on nutz and im really happy with it, i started a really cool world war 1 sleeve and this week i had a customer over from ireland for 2 days starting his sleeve of skulls and roses. the lucky for some painting project is well under way, ive done 3 paintings for that and im working on a fourth. its been hard work and a bit all consuming at times but its good for me to paint regularly and im loving the work ive done and its been great to see what everyone else are producing. check the project out at . lianne and me will be working at the devon convention this weekend where ive got 2 amazing tattoos to do, one is on my younger brother jimmy and the other is for a tattoo battle against my friend lee hadfield. next week is a big one for me, im 40 on thursday and immortal ink is 10 years old. we will be having a party in the new shop on saturday to celebrate and then we will be open for business there from 10th november. wow busy times.

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